January 2021 Current Updates

Covid-19 restrictions and travels to certain areas for the first few months of 2021 is still uncertain.

We will continue to monitor the situation and informed interested individuals on our social media accounts as well as on here about the current situation.

​Due to restricted entry ban in some areas, we are still coordinating efforts with our partners to ensure we can navigate the new restrictions and guidelines set in place with our partners to move forward in providing you the adventures you seek.



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Kudu Hunt

PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: July-October 2021

Seven full day, four games hunting package. Enjoy some of the best plains game hunt Namibia has to offer at our many concessions we hunt on. We operate in various locations from the Kalahari to central Namibia and all the way up to the Caprivi region to provide you the best hunting opportunities and experience. Contact us for more details.

Stag Hunt

PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: 1-30 September 2021

We have had a good 2019 red stag season with our clients with two stags making CIC Silver medal and five making Bronze. Our success rate in 2019 was was pretty high. Price is all inclusive to include one stag. Join us on this exciting hunt in Poland with friends or come solo. Contact us for full details on this hunt.

Poland buck hunt

PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: Mid-April- End of June 2021

Four day hunting package for three Roe buck for any trophy size Roe buck. We hunt in various locations in Poland, this hunt is a great package for first time Roe buck hunter. We also offer wild boars as an addition to your package should you see one or wish to hunt for them. Contact us for full details about these hunt.


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