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We couldn't make this any easier for the first time safari hunter, the deposit might scare a few but look at what you are getting, no hidden cost or added fee at the end of your hunt other than what you shoot and or taxidermy, it's that simple. Book with us and see for yourself why we pride ourselves on our safari hunt, especially for the first timer.


- Daily hunt rate fee 8x Days. (7 hunt day, 1 day travel.)

- Airport pick Up and drop Off.

- Ground transportation to hunt.

- PH Guiding-Tracking Fee.

- Field care and salting (Trophy Preparation).

- Laundry service

- 8x Days lodging and meals ( wine, water, soft drinks.)

- Booking and administration fee.

- Delivery of your trophy to local taxidermist for work.

Cancelation: Anytime up to 30 days before the hunt 50% refund. Within 30 days, zero refund.


Eland: € 1450.00

Kudu: € 1450.00

Oryx:  € 520.00

Blesbuck: € 550.00

Hartebeest: € 550.00

Springbuck: € 400.00

Warthog: € 420.00

Steenbuck: € 300.00

Southern Bush Duiker: € 320.00

Damara dik-dik: € 1250.00

Klipspringer: € 1250.00

Mountain zebra: € 880.00

Burchell's zebra: € 880.00

Black wildebeest: € 1000.00

Blue wildebeest: € 880.00

Black-faced impala: € 1380.00

Common impala: € 650.00

Waterbuck: € 1550.00

Giraffe: € 1750.00

Letchwe: € 3000.00

Baboon: € 200.00

Sable - 40"       € 4,350.00

Sable 40"-42"  € 5,200.00

Sable 42"+       € 6,400.00

Nyala: € 3700.00

Brown Hyena: € 3,500.00 (Include Bait)

Leopard: Contact us for price

Hunting Rate Per Day:

Professional Hunter- Hunter: € 270.00 (1:1)

Professional Hunter- 2 Hunters: € 250.00 (1:2)

€ 155.00 (Non-hunter)


Gun rental: € 75.00 per week

Cartridge: € 5.00 each


We can coordinate Etosha sightseeing trips directly with our partner for your group, but our priority is hunting. If your group would like to take a day off from hunting we can make an Etosha trip possible.


This is only information for you if you wish to partake in a trip to the Etosha national park located in the region where our main hunting lodge is at.


For more information on Etosha National Park follow the link: 













We can also offer a day trip to Windhoek for a day if you and your group would like to tour the capital.


If you are interested in these trips you can inform us or the staff upon your arrival so they can coordinate and plan such trip during your time in Namibia so that it doesn't interfere with your hunt.

Windhoek Day Tour Trip: € 250.00 Per Day

This cost covers transportation and PH Tour guide.

Etosha National Park Day Trip: € 250.00 Per Day

This cost covers transportation and PH Tour guide.

Safari Lodge

(Safari lodge with cooking staff, electricity and running water.)

Africa Safari In Namibia

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