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Policy updated: June 2022

                                                                               2022 BOOKING POLICY


Please read through our booking policy, your official contract will also have additional information that may not be in this policy. Ensure you have read through them prior to any event you have booked. Any question you may have, feel free to contact your consulting agent.




A. Prior to every book hunt we require a security deposit or full payment. Any booking under 30 days of the start date a full payment is require. This payment or deposit is to be made to our business account, this security payment also serves as a reservation and confirmation of commitment and is either deducted from the final cost of your hunt or if paid in full for certain package hunt it'll cover all contract processing and administration charges as well as anything within that package as describe on your contract or stated by our consulting agent.


B. Full Payment: This security payment is required for all complete package offers and will include costs of lodging and meals, guide fee, trophy fee, license, admin fee and certain amenities your consulting agent or contract may list, some cost may be added to your payment if special request or need is require before, during or after your hunt. Certain excluded prices will be either annotated on our offers or on your initial request for payments or contracts. Any cancellation up to 30 days prior to your hunt there is a 70% refund. Refund policy applies.


C. Deposit Fee: Some of our advertised offers required a deposit to reserve or secure your hunt. This type of security payment is usually reserved for individual hunts where there is no specific package or trophy class size agreement, thus leaving open a final balance base on the trophy size category the hunter manage to take. Deposit will only be use to reserve your prefer hunting dates as well as cover the cost of preparation for your hunt. There is no refund for any deposit paid if you were to cancel at anytime once we received the payment and initiate the process for licensing as well as preparation for hunt.


    (1) Some offers may require you to pay in full the remaining balance owe 30 days prior to your hunt date after you have made an initial deposit. If this is the case, your consulting agent will inform you prior to making any booking. Refund policy applies base off when remaining balance was made.


    (2) For most of our offers that do require a deposit as a security payment, a final invoice will be issue for the remaining balance owe at the end of your hunt base off trophy class or scores plus other amenities you may have used or required. 


D: Any cancellation must be made in writing to AmmaLa Outdoors via mail, email or in person. We will issue a confirmation email or send a letter to you acknowledging that your request has been received. Also any refund will be review by our hunting director base off our cancelation timeline policy below and must be approved by our board of directors.

E: Refund Policy:

   (1): Up to 45 Calendar days prior to the start of your hunt, all monies paid to us will be refunded.


   (2): From 44 to 31 Calendar days prior to the start of your hunt, 70% of all monies paid will be refunded. A 30% cancellation fee will be imposed for cancellation made within this window.


   (3): Within 30 Calendar days of your hunt, all monies paid to us will be forfeited.   


Any booking under 30 days of the event must be paid in full.



It’s the responsibility of every hunter to have all appropriate legal documents and proof of insurance coverage(s) prior to their hunting event. Please ensure that your insurance company provides the appropriate coverage while traveling outside of your home country.



We provide all legal documents in order for the client(s) to lawfully hunt with our partner(s) and host. Also provided will be a client hunting contract which outlines the client’s travel destination. It is important that clients keep these documents as proof at least 60 days after your booked event with us for your record.



We respect your privacy in reference each client’s booking information. We will not disclose any of your personal information to any third party member other than the hosting facility or outfitter working with us on your event. We have informed each of our partners (Outfitters/Host) that our client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance. Any violations of such will be handled at the executive level to ensure that such actions do not happen again.



We like to promote our company and take photos or videos on every expedition as much as possible, part of our marketing strategy is filming and taking photos of our clients during the event, if you do not consent for us to film or photograph you or your group before, during or after the event please inform us.



As our client, your actions and conduct is on a professional level not only by our organization but our host, please conduct yourself as such while on our expedition.


We respect our client’s privacy and opinions, if there should be any dispute with our host or their staff, please do inform us so we can resolve any issues professionally and as quickly as possible.


Do not get into any arguments with our host or their staff as they are serving the client(s) to the best of their abilities. If a client has any issues but does not inform us of such issues then we can’t work out a solution to solve the problem, therefore it will always be in the best interest of all parties to discuss any issues directly and professionally.



We reserved the right to refuse, suspend or terminate a client’s booking if we or any of our business partner(s) feel the client’s actions are unsafe or unfit due to problems or issues that may arise.


We will ensure that all safety protocols are in place to avoid any harms not only to the individual client themselves but others around them. Such action is for the client’s own protection and the protection of other, potential refund or re-booking for another date will be determined by both our company and the hosting party base off the action of the client and the cause for termination.



A: At no times will there be any excessive amount of alcoholic beverage consumed prior to or during an outing. We understand that some prefer a beer with lunch and we respect that, we also respect the traditions of the European culture and understand that alcohol will likely be consumed after a successful hunt to make a toast and we have no issues with such traditions for the hunter or group to exhibit the celebration along with our staff or host outfitters after the hunt. Our main concern is the excessive amount of alcohol being consumed before and during the outings as it is a safety risk, not only for the client’s safety but the safety of the guide and other people.


B: Illegal drug is illegal no matter how you look at it or view it. At no time will a client use or partake in such activities during their booked expedition. If we find that drug is involved during our booked outings that may cause harm to the client and others around them we will directly deal with the client(s). We reserve the rights to cancel and terminate the client(s) expedition and may report such incident to the local authority.


C: It is the client’s responsibility to know his or her limits on alcohol consumption. We may give you a courtesy check on your consumption for safety, we all know that drinking and driving is illegal regardless of what the occasions may be. Clients are responsible for their actions, know the limits and avoid jeopardizing yourself and others around you.



A: It’s the responsibility of each client to know his/her physical limitations. If a client has any medical issue or physical limitations please clear it through your professional healthcare provider about any restrictions you may have prior to booking with us, it’s advisable to give us any courtesy notice of your conditions after you’re cleared by your health care professional prior to booking with us so that we are informed and can inform any medical staff of your condition(s) if such situation arises and you require medical attention.


B: If during the event a client feels a need for medical attention we will do our best to get them to the local medical facility as quickly as possible. In an emergency situation, our procedure would be to take the client to the nearest local clinic or hospital. If the situation becomes extreme (requiring ambulance or hospitalization) we will inform the local medical authorities the client's next of kin so that direct contacts can be made between the family and the medical facility or client and will assist as best as we can.


C: In case of hospitalization, medical requirements and restrictions that prevent the client from finishing the event, the client’s contract is closed or terminated; no refunds or discount will be given.



A: If a client has any legal issues in a host country, we (AmmaLa Outdoors and the hosting company) will provide as much assistance as possible. It’s in the client’s best interest to avoid situations that might put them at risk by obeying and following the laws governing the host country. It’s the client’s responsibility to know the host country’s law.


B: Any legal issue that may arise that a client has committed in a host country is the client’s responsibility to coordinate for a legal representation to represent him.


C: No refund or re-booking will be granted if a client fails to arrive at their final destination or does not fulfill their booking period.



A: Arrival days are days designate as non-hunting days. Normally we have clients or group arriving at a different time, the arrival day is usually set as a non-hunting day because of late arrival that may not provide enough hunting light to go out on arrival day.


Situations when hunting is offered on the arrival day.

- If all the clients in the group arrive at the hunting lodge approximately the same time.

- Enough hunting light to depart to the hunting area and enough time to hunt.

- Enough guides are available to accommodate the client(s) on arrival day.


B: Hunting days is actual hunt outings. The number of daily hunting sessions will be dependent on the species and difficulty of the targeted species you are hunting; to include the number of breaks and type of hunting (Stalking or fixed stand location).


The actual hunting schedule will be briefed and finalized with the guide and/or host outfitter at your hunting lodge prior to your first outings. The client has the option to terminate his hunt early if he/she is successful on the first day. If the client opts to depart early after a successful hunt, he/she will still be charged for the entire duration of the booked period.


C: Departure day is also designated as a non-hunting day and is usually reserved for the preparation of payments, trophy documents, preparation of trophy and final coordination prior to leaving the lodge.


In rare cases, the morning of departure day can be a hunting day, if a client was not successful during the official booked hunting days and a guide is available, the client can opt to hunt on the morning of departure day and can check out of the lodge later. All departure day protocols must be completed prior to the client leaving from the lodge.



A: Weapons must meet standard classification for a quick and humane kill in accordance with the game species as well as the host country’s rules and regulations. We will inform our clients in advance if there are any changes that they may need to know prior to their hunt.


B: Traveling through any EU and Non-EU countries, the client(s) will need their hunting contract and other documents that we will provide from our host for them to travel with to ensure their transition at the border crossing is legal. Client’s hunting contract will state the reason for traveling with a firearm.


The client must ensure that they have all necessary documents such as identification card, passport, hunting license, weapons registration card (WBK For Germany) and E.U Firearm Pass that is required when traveling outside of their country.


C: It’s important that client(s) EU Firearm pass is up to date and that any weapon they carry with them is in their EU Firearm pass, failure to provide adequate proof of ownership for a firearm may lead to fines, prosecution, and confiscation of weapons in accordance with EU regulations.


D: It’s the responsibility of every client to know the rules and regulations for weapons and ammunition storage as well as legal requirements when traveling by ground or air as their means of transportation to ensure a smooth process at check points or control inspection.


13: PURCHASING OF GAMES MEAT (VENISON) AND TAXIDERMY SERVICE: If a client decides to buy the venison or have their games shoulder mount through the hosting organization, then this agreement will solely be conducted between the client and the agency providing such service. We (AmmaLa Outdoors) DO NOT organize, negotiate on prices, coordinate transactions or receive payments from clients to any third party member or make a transaction for such services. We will do our best to ensure that you have taken all legal process in obtaining documents and be well informed about your decision in order to process your trophy.


B: Taxidermy fees and trophy transportation cost is also the responsibility of the client if he or she wishes to make direct negotiation with any third party agents in which the client is conducting such business with. AmmaLa Outdoors does not offer these services, hence we will not accept or take part in any agreement between the client(s) and any third party member or organization, we will not take any responsibilities or liabilities in any agreement or transactions between the client and a third party service provider, any agreement is between the client and the third party agent.



A: The client’s guide or PH (Professional Hunter) will normally be the main person he or she will be hunting with. The guide is there to ensure that the right trophy animal (species) is taken as well as help the client to identify games that either surpasses or fails to meet the established requirement for the management area as well as what the client is after.


The guide(s) also ensures the client’s hunt is conducted in a safe manner and to assist and guide the client out in the field during the hunt. Gratuities for guides are highly recommended for their professional assistance and efforts in making sure your hunting experience was successful and memorable.


B: Most guide(s) can speak English but there might be situations that you have a guide that may not speak English. We’ll do our best to ensure all parties can communicate effectively for a successful hunt.


C: Hunting in an area where field judging a game is a must, the guide will do his best to ensure he gets as close to the weight or score of the game as much as possible based on the client’s request.


D: Wing-shooter will have an observer assigned to them. The hunter shooting at fast moving birds might not generally get to see the clear picture of a hit or miss, the observer assigned to you have been doing this for years and have trained eyes to know what a hit or a lethal wound and a miss is. DO NOT get into an argument over whether you hit the bird or not, enjoy your hunt and let the observer do their jobs; in all fairness, they want what is best for you as well.


E: Shooting glasses or some form of eye protection is required for all wing-shooter their observer and any field guest for such hunts as it is required for safety reason.



This policy may contain other notices and copyright information not in your contract, the terms of both must be observed and followed. Information on this policy may contain typographical errors. Information, and availability of this policy may be changed or updated without notice. AmmaLa Outdoors and its partners reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts,  or cancel booking orders in its discretion, including, without limitation, if AmmaLa Outdoors believes that the clients conduct violates applicable law or is harmful to the interests of AmmaLa Outdoors and its subsidiaries.


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