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Kudu Hunt

PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: July-October 2022

Seven full day, four games hunting package. Enjoy some of the best plains game hunt Namibia has to offer at our many concessions we hunt on. We operate in various locations from the Kalahari to central Namibia and all the way up to the Caprivi region to provide you the best hunting opportunities and experience. Contact us for more details.

Stag Hunt

PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: 1-30 September 2022

We have had a good success rate on red stags with our clients with several stags making CIC Bronze and Silver medal. Price varies from the numerous regions we offer our hunts in Poland to include one stag. The hunt is physically easy due to mostly flat terrain and fields. Hunt is mostly done by stalking during the rutting period Join us on this exciting hunt in Poland with friends or come solo. Contact us for full details on this hunt.


PRICE: Contact Us For Pricing

WHEN: August and November 2022

Three day hunting for alpine chamois in the beautiful Julian Alps region of Slovenia. We hunt in various terrains and locations in this region. This hunt is a great hunt for those that can walk and hike up various steep terrain in August. For the month of November, hunting is a little easier as it is the rutting period and games are moving more frequently. Contact us for full details about these hunt.


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