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2019 Czech Republic Trophy Price


Non - Medal Class

Spike (Yearling): 170- Euro

4 Point Buck:      600- Euro

6 Point Buck:      700- Euro

8 Point Buck:      900- Euro


CIC Medal Class (8 Points)

Bronze Medal:     1,150- Euro

Silver Medal:       1,350- Euro

Gold Medal:         1,700- Euro


Non-Typical:        1,350- Euro


*Doe (Meat Hunt):  120- Euro

*Fawn (Meat Hunt:   60- Euro               



Non - Medal Class

Yearling Ram:     300- Euro

2 Year Old Ram: 450- Euro

3 Year Old Ram: 600- Euro

4 Year Old Ram: 750- Euro

5 Year Old Ram: 900- Euro


5+ Year Old Ram with Horn Length 0f -70cm: 1,100- Euro


5+ Year Old Ram with Horn Length of +70cm: 1,600- Euro


*Ewe (Meat Hunt):  120- Euro

*Lamb (Meat Hunt:   60- Euro               


Roe buck hunt

Red and Roe Deer

Red deer, Roe deer and Fallow deer trophy price list also available.

Please contact us for further information on the pricing and hunt of these species.

* Additional games can be hunted after the harvest of your primary game. Game meat can be bought seperately through the host.


Game meat price and coordination is between the game manager and hunter, our consultant can assist with the  language barrier, we DO NOT deal with any meat price and this is a seperate fee that needs to be paid to the game manager prior to the departure of your hunt.

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