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2018 Slovenia Trophy Price


Trophy Fee (CIC Points)                  Price (Euros)      






Season: 01 October - 31 December. (Rut Period in November)


The trophy horns have a 24 hour drying period in a cool ventilated storage, after which it will be officially measured to determine the final length for scoring.


Wounding Fee: In the case of wounding, the wounding fee is 510 Euros for a mature game, Fawn 160 Euro, wounding is base on blood, hair and any other visual signs of injuries.



Head and horns are included in your trophy fee. the cape/hide is sold separately for a 130 Euros for the complete hide for shoulder mount or rug.



Venison Purchase is at 4,50 Euros per kilo and paid directly to our partner.


Taxidermy Services

There is a local taxidermist in the region that can do your shoulder mounts or European skull mounts for a fairly low cost. Please do keep in mind that any negotiations between you and the taxidermist or host to get your trophy is done in country is between you and them. AmmaLa Outdoors does not;

- Provide or assist with taxidermy services.

- Handle any shipping of trophy with third party.

- Negotiate on behalf of client for Taxidermy work.

General Information

Trophy fee must be made in full prior to taking your trophy back with you after your hunt.


Copy of deposit slip or bank transfer of fund must be received prior to taking any trophy out of the country of origin, If our consultant is on location cash payment is accepted and a receipt will be given to you, or you can pay directly to our partner prior to closing out your hunt.


All other general inquiries can be found in our booking policies at the bottom of our website.

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