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This special offer is for a three day fully guided hunt, total six hunting duration in the morning and evening. Listed below is what your total price for this hunt will cover as well as what is excluded in the cost.


- Lodging for three days.

- Meals 3x Days with non alcohol beverages.

- Guide 3x Days.

- Permits, License, Insurance.

- Booking and administration Fee.

- 1 mature Fallow buck no trophy limit size.

- Translator/Host.


- Alcohol drinks.

- Optional; Gratuities/Tips.

- Guide Transportation 30- Euro Per Outing.

Wounding Fee: 550- Euro


Gross weight is scored after 24 hour drying period.

Up to 1,49kg          322,00 Euros
- 1,50kg to 2,49kg 380,00 + 2,34 Euros for each 0,01kg over 1,50kg
- 2,50kg to 2,99kg 612,00 + 2,82 Euros for each 0,01kg over 2,50kg
- 3,00kg                 750,00 +12,00 Euros for each 0,01kg over 3,00kg
- Wounding of Buck; 400 Euros.

Female and Yearling can be taken if season permits;

Hind, Doe, Calf, Yearling: Shoot fee or wounded: 75 Euros.


We operate out of various lodging and regions within our districts. These locations are selected by time of the year booking takes place and the amount of game activities and or hunting and human pressure within those regions. We will coordinate accordingly to optimize on the best chance for success for our clients. A few have asked us why the previous groups of hunters hunted one location with success and why they are being put in a new location or region when they book. Understand that certain regions will eventually have too many pressure and when we make those determination we will put the new group into a new location that has not been pressured, thus optimizing on a higher success rate opportunities for our new group of clients.

* 550-Deposit. See our booking policy.

No Trophy Limit Fallow Buck Hunt

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