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This package offer is for a three day fully guided hunt, total six hunting duration in the morning and evening. Listed below is what your total price for this hunt will cover, as well as what is excluded in the cost.

INCLUDED IN PRICE; 850 Euro (Full Payment)

- Lodging for three days.

- Breakfast 3x days.

- Guide 3x Days.

- Permits, License, Insurance.

- Booking and administration Fee.

- Transportation to hunting ground.

- 1 mature Roe buck no trophy limit size.

- Translator/Host.


- Lunch & Dinner meals.

- Gratuities/Tips.


Any size Roe buck: 250-€

Shooting Fee of Doe and Yearling if permitted 50-€ (venison additional charge)
- Wounding of any buck; 250 Euros.


We operate in a region within our district that offers our client the best opportunities to take a mature buck and sometimes a unique trophy quality Roe buck. These locations are scouted out by our guides regularly and have an idea where some of these bucks will generally be located at to provide our clients with the best chance to see and take a mature Roe buck. We will hunt accordingly to optimize on the best chance of success for our clients. Understand that certain areas will eventually have too many pressure depending on when you book our Roe deer hunt, and when we make those determination we might hunt in a new location that has not been pressured, thus optimizing on a higher success rate opportunities for our clients.

* Full payment hunt No-Deposit. See our booking policy.

No Trophy Limit Roe Buck Hunt

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