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Become a Dealer

AmmaLa Outdoors is a wholesale supplier of our brand name outdoor products to our valued dealers (We DO NOT sell our products to the private consumer or buyers directly) you must find a retailer nearest you or one that can ship our products to you locally or internationally. The retail stores and online shopping stores affiliated with us are our consumers, access to this site is provided as a service to retail customers wanting to know more about our products and merchandise. Orders placed for retail stores or online store are fulfilled by AmmaLa Outdoors.


AmmaLa Outdoors dealers can purchase from us via phone, fax and email.

To Become an AmmaLa Outdoors Products Dealer; You must meet some of the requirements in order for us to conduct legal business protocols with you.

1.  To buy our products in order to resell to your customers, you must be a legitamize company with a business license in your respective country.


2.  You must have a verifiable business and associated resale number, business tax identification number and any other neccessary documents or verification we may need to verify your business legitimacy.  Requests or applications without this information will be not be processed. Businesses within the EU countries, you must have a valid EU Vat ID number for us to move forward.


3.  If you wish to place an order immediately after verification has been approved, please email us call us and we will get you set up over the phone.  Again - you will be asked for your business info and resale number, EU Vat ID Number. If you would like a copy of our current catalog and sales flyer, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and download our current catalog as well as go into our media & marketing kit section to download media files for your business.


4.  After becoming an AmmaLa Outdoors dealer, you can fill retail orders from us directly.  You can also download retail order form in our downloadable catalog section


5.  Sales of our products are only reserved for our distributors and retailers, we do not sell to the individual buyer, we deal directly with other businesses.





Edgar-Michael-Wenz-Ring 11

97450, Arnstein



International Call: 049 1511 559 7468
Local Call: 01511 559 7468


Business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00AM- 4:30PM CET


Retail Inquiries and Product Questions
For retail product questions - email us at - we will respond to you promptly during our normal business hours.

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