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Slovenia Chamois Itinerary

Checking in at the lodge is anytime time after 12PM on the day of your schedule booking, our hunting consultant might not be on location, please inform the lodging staff that you are a client of AmmaLa Outdoors so they can inform your hunting guide that you have arrived and a representative will meet you at the lodge to brief you. If time permits, hunting can be arrange the same day of arrival. If your arrival is after 3PM your official hunt will start the next morning.


If you think you might be late or you plan on arriving earlier than your schedule date it's important to call our regional consultant to ensure that he can assist you or to confirm if lodging is available, extra charge will be apply for any extra days if lodging is available for early arrival. If you do decide to come earlier without prior coordination we can not guarantee any lodging and it would be at your own expense and research to find your own lodging.


Hunt Itinerary

(Could be a slight change due to weather or other circumstance)


- Hunt will start early in the morning prior to breakfast as planned by the consultant and guide(s). It's important that every hunter is ready to go around the same time, if you're late you're stallings everyones hunt.


- After the morning hunt you'll arrive back at the lodge for beakfast and personal time, afternoon hunt schedule will be brief to you during this time so you can be inform on when you need to be ready.


- Lunch is available at the lodge or local restaurants nearby (Keep in mind of any local holidays for closure)


- Afternoon hunt is planned out the same way like the morning hunt, you'll leave prior to dinner and return at dark for dinner and be brief for the next days hunt if there is any changes.


What you need to know

- From the lodge to the hunting property it's about a 15-30 minute car ride, depending on where the guide wants to take you.


- You'll have a local guide with you in your stand or stalking with you.


- It's important that you inform our consultant of any issues you might have, we can not fix the problem if we're not aware of the situation.


- The guide will make sure you have the best opportunity to harvest a Chamois as well as selection of Chamois that fits your criteria.


Ensure you read our HUNTING & BOOKING policies for additional information prior to your hunt.


- GPS Coordinates: 46°16'24.2"N 13°57'44.0"E

- Name of Facility-Lodge: Gostišče pri Zalogarju"

- Physical address: Dolenja vas 1a, 4227 Selca

- Nearest city-village: Bohinjska Bistrica

- Nearest Gas Station: 12 Kilometers

- Currency: Euros


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